Hy’s Endorsements

Mayor Bieter

Rep. Hy Kloc & Mayor Beiter

“Time and time again Hy has shown a real commitment to this community-he has earned our support.”

~Dave Bieter, Boise Mayor

“Hy is a refreshing person to know and with whom to do business. He operates with total candor, integrity, honesty and consistency. Hy is a person that will always make good on a promise and will never promise anything he cannot deliver. He has a great sense of humor, a big warm heart and a cool head. He’s a rock!” April 20, 2012

~ Lyle Banks – President & CEO, Banks Broadcasting, Inc. (business partner)

“We’re fortunate that Hy Kloc wants to represent us. He’s not at all what most of us are use to in Idaho politics. For one, he’s a democrat. If he were ambitious for selfish reasons, he’d run as a republican; there’s a better chance he’d be elected. With Hy, we’ll be moving the scales towards a more balanced House. Balance. Change. These are not a bad things to happen to the Idaho House. What I admire most about Hy Kloc is his authentic compassion. He truly cares about us. He wants to see Idaho realize its great potential, rather than watch our state become stagnant or go backwards. In order to do that, Hy will shake things up a bit. He’ll try to save the little guy, the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, the sick, our children, education and the arts, but he won’t try to save his job. I hope you’ll join me is supporting a fresh perspective and new ideas.” April 10, 2012

~ Tom Donahoe – Partner/Creative Director, Mitchell + Palmer (business partner)

“I’ve known Hy since he moved to Boise. I’ve never seen anyone become such an integral part of the community so quickly. My family moved to Idaho in 1863, so my roots run deep. I can guarantee, though, that Hy Kloc knows more about the way our community works than I do. He and Joan are dedicated to better government. I believe Hy has the capacity to bring divergent views together, and I think that’s something we desperately need.” March 29, 2012

~ Rick Just – Chief Planner, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (business partner)

Thank you to the many community leaders & organizations who have endorsed me.

Governor Cecil Andrus

State Representative Elfrida Higgins

State Senator Les Block

State Representative Grant Burgoyne

State Senator Elliot Werk

Former Rep. Margaret Henbest

National Association of Social Workers

Curtis Stigers

Jodi Peterson

Maryann Jordan

Marcia Woodbury

Rebecca Sporn

Jeri and Susi Cagen

Bruce and Sheri Dowlin

Anne Corcoran Briggs

Alan Head

Cal and Jean McGillis

Kay Hummel

Janet Buschert

Herb Neitzel

Sharon Katz and Mark Clark

Idaho Education Association

The Idaho Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers

Boise Trades and Labor Council AFL-CIO

Joan Wallace

George and Susan Tway

Marshall and Leslie Garrett

Marilyn Schuler

Kathe Alters

Jon Marcus

Lyle Banks

Tom Donahoe

Jim and Robin Erb

Paul Cunningham

Shauneen Grange

Brenda Janot

Jim Lyons

Marshall Brezonick

Fonny and Mim Davidson

Bob and Sue Evancho

Rick Just

Larry Newton

Scot Oliver

Stan Olson

Vangie Osborn

Sue Reents

Tim Huizeng

Charlie and Deb Spindler

Leslie and Marshall Garrett

Robert Zuponeck

Lee and Teresa Cunningham

Sandy and Michael Pardys

Wendy and Jim Jaquet

Tony Fusco

Bill and Leslie Drake

Joe and Harriet Berenter