The Issues

Pre-k Caldwell


Early Childhood Education has been proven to add to a child’s success throughout their school career. As a former teacher, I welcomed the opportunity to serve on the House education committee during the last session. When the session ended, I continued to explore some exciting educational options. The result: a bill to fund a pilot preschool program in Idaho. The reason is simple: it pays big dividends. National studies show that for every $1 invested in preschool programs, there is a return of from $3.50 to $17.00 in economic value. That’s impressive by any calculation. Read more here

 Medicaid Expansion 

The landscape of healthcare is changing across the nation, and Idahoans have every right to be concerned about how the healthcare changes will affect them. Here in Idaho, an issue that I will be focusing attention on during the session is the Medicaid Expansion. Read More here. 

 Constituent Spotlights 

The people who live in District 16 are involved in some awesome projects! Click here to find out more. 

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